I am the Visionary Behind the Biz

My name is Jenn, I am Owner of Lash Obsession! I have passionately been in the lash biz now since 2012, and teaching since 2016. I believe there is just something so magical about being able to create set of lashes to give someone an extra boost of confidence, that I needed to become an educator and teach other how to do the same. 
I started my little lash business after I had my son so I could have the freedom to call my own hours and be a full time mom but also still have the financial freedom my site (oil field) job gave me. Let’s just stay I am very strong willed. 
My little lash business quickly grew and I can say it has a lot to do with my passion but also I believe strong technical skills, professionalism and having the ability to connect with people are the keys to success in this industry. When you put your mind and energy into achieving your goals the possibilities are endless. For me there is nothing more rewarding than helping and empowering others. I truly love what I do! 
We are a community, a family, a place you can come and let our your frustrations. We are not just a Lash Academy we want to help you every step of the way. We build you up to be the best and We give you ALL OF the tools! Mainly We built the program to help build YOUR OWN SUCESSFUL EMPIRE!

Owner CEO Jennifer Loder