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J style Fibre Grip

J style Fibre Grip


Meet your new best friend! Our fibre grip tweezers ensures you never lose your fan again. This tweezer is for our Volume rockstars.

This tweezer is designed with the lash artist in mind. You will be able to reduce your grip and relax your hands. No more sore hands or having to take less clientele from pain /carpal tunnel.

These tweezers are all hand tested before sent out.

Works well with every lash width.

If you are working with a variety of width sizes have different tweezers for each one. This will help to ensure the fibre grip doesn’t get thrown off.

PRO TIP - never try removing adhesive from the tweezer with another tweezer or scissors.

Always have acetone to remove adhesive instead. Always have a small container with a cut sponge to help you remove the adhesive quickly during a service if necessary. Or have back ups. Adhesive removers are now available in our store for purchase.

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