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The Greatest Discovery of all time is that a person can change there future by merely changing their Mind. 

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Jenn Loder Owner Of Lash Obsession

Message From Our Founder  

Jenn Loder

I know First hand how hard it is to pick a Lash Academy, as well as how much nerve racking it can be investing money in yourself when taking on a new Career.  I have designed all my courses with you the student in mind. It's been a Mission of mine to never leave a student feeling the way I did, and to give back as much as I can in the lash Community for those who helped me when I was New to the industry.

I don't sugar coat things, and I don't believe in doing a manipulative sale speech. I will be 100%  real with you. Applying Lash Extensions is not super easy. Not a lot of students pick this up right from the start. I was one of those struggling Lash Artists. SO believe me when I tell you, this takes time and you need to set aside time to practice every day. It will feel like information overload at first, and this is every normal. This is why I created our online portion where you can rewatch all the videos as much as you need. and we will highlight key elements that will guide you into your success as lash artist. Now another ket thing to remember is not a get rich quick gig. Consistency is key. This is why we keep a hands on approach with all our students. Here at Lash Obsession you are not just a number we take pride in making every student feel supported. This is why you will have access to your educator and all classes are kept small, or private. 


Good Eyesight is a must, if you struggle with focusing on tiny details or words. We suggest Visiting an optometrist first. Having the right prescription or using magnifying glasses can help most cases significantly. Magnifying glass will be available in all in person classes just incase, but it's always good to look in to it first before diving to deep.

One other concern we get asked regularly, "Is The market is too saturated? is there is no room for me? " To that I always say there is room for everyone.  If you want to make a long lasting business out of this you absolutely can. You just need to put in the work. Everyone has their special niche in their trade, you need to find what yours is. How are you going to be different, how are you going to attract your ideal clientele ?  These are all things covered in our mentorship through Lash Obsession. Your success is our success. We ask that you don't give up on yourself and be patient and loving with yourself on your new path. 

When Creating these courses I wanted to make sure you had all the building blocks you need to create the future you dreamed of. whether its to make a some extra cash to pay some bills or wanting to buy the damn purse without feeling guilty. Or maybe you're wanting to quit that 9 - 5 job you hate, or have more job flexibility with your kids, Lashes could be that change for your life! I can't wait to show you how!

Lots of Love, 

If you would like to read more about my Disaster first course and how I glued my sisters eye shut, I have decided to start a blog. You will also be able find tips, tricks and other useful tools to help you along your way. scroll down to find out more about our courses !

Unlock your Earning Potential

Getting Started 


Sign up for a Lash course ! 


24/7 Help & Access to our Facebook Group

First and foremost once you enrol in our Classic, Volume, or Mega Volume course you will need to complete our Lash Standard Health & Safety Training. this comes free with your Courses and completed online prior to class. You will have life time access to this and everything covered in the modules.

You will always have access to your educator and You will have private access to our Facebook group where you will be able to ask questions. or get a wider prospective on a question. Here we will keep you updated with the newest information. 


Start booking your Calendar with dream clients.

Become a social media master mind. How to create your brand and market to your niche clientele. Work with people who make you excited to do what you do! 


Build your Empire

Replace that old 9 - 5 ! Start earning 500$ to 5000$ a month right away. you come first. Never dread asking your boss for days off again. Build your schedule on your terms.


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