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Super Bonder

Super Bonder


Super Bonder helps you finish off a set of lashes knowing you have done absolutely everything within your power to give your clients the best retention they’ve ever had. Our Super Bonder instantly eliminates fumes caused by curing adhesive and seals the adhesive to a perfect non-porous bond.

Super bonder is ideal to use on all clients - classic, volume, and mega volume! It is wonderful to use on your clients with sensitivities or slight irritations. Super Bonder will cure the adhesive & eliminate fumes from the adhesive, and therefore, eliminate the irritation. When using on volume and mega volume fans, make sure you don’t saturate the fan, but apply only a small amount with a micro swab to the very base of the extensions, only where the adhesive bonds to the natural eyelash.

Wait 2 to 4 minutes after applying the last lash before applying Super Bonder.

Super Bonder will improve your client's retention by up to 30% and will allow your clients to love their lashes longer.

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