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to the Lash Standard. 

This is your Health & Safety Guidelines for Lash Extensions where you will learn Proper sanitation practices and how to care properly care  for your clients. This portion Is done Online before class and will be touched on briefly in class. There will be a test, so stay focused and limit distractions.

C o u r s e 

  • Health & Safety Guide lines 

  • How to Prepare for your appointment 

  • Setting up your work space 

  • Legal Considerations 

  • Self Care 

  • Lash Biology 

  • The ins and outs of adhesive

  • what are extensions made of 

  • To Prime or Not to Prime ? 

  • Nail your Client Consultations

  • Contraindications

  • Contra-action

  • Irration Minimization

  • Importance of your eyelash history form

  • Download & customizable word documents forms Eyelash history, frequently asked questions, How to care for your lash extension, photo release 

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Clients don't know how much you know until the know how much you care

The Lash Standard 
Health & Safety Training 

Our Health & Safety Module is the set Beauty Standard Lash Application all around the world. though we strive to ensure you have all the information possible we ask that you still check your provinces/states guidelines to ensure you are in accordance.

We are always updating our course to ensure you are informed with the utmost best beauty practices for your salon/ spa. If you have taken a Lash Extension training some where else, it's required you also complete our training prior to your Class date. 


If you have already registered for either the Classic or Volume course click down below to begin your Health & Safety training. 

Did You Know there is no set standard in the beauty industry ? 


which is why we pride ourselves on providing the best lash extension education and understanding to our students. We offer a seamless lash extension course that provides you with everything you need to set up your business in a safe and professional manner, and pass inspections. Our experts ensure you leave the course with confidence and knowledge about the latest health and safety protocols.

Start your Lash journey Now and take the first step towards starting your own


successful lash business!

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